nous sommes arrivés!


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-tzu

We are in Paris!Wow! We are in Paris!

Did you know I got to visit Canada for the very first time? We flew from California to Toronto and then to Paris.

I colored, I watched a movie, I watched a TV show, I napped, I ate pizza and a hamburger and spaghetti. Just before landing in Paris we had turbulence and I had to sit down.

My brother barely slept on the plane (he’s napping right now). My dad met us at the airport and we took two trains to get to our apartment in Le Marais.

I’m starving.  I can’t wait to go find a fresh croissant to eat!

2 thoughts on “nous sommes arrivés!

  1. Hi Layli . . . . . Looks like you had a fun flight. Give William a soft, loving tap on his head from his Grandma Zeier . . .Love and Hugs to the 2 of you..

  2. Have a great adventure. How about that croissant? Delicious? Cannot wait to read more about those “famous world travelled” shoes. Will the shoes travel to the cathedral of Notre Dame? Grandpa wants pictures where the Hunchback lived.

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