paris flea market


On Sunday we went to the Paris flea market (Marché aux Puces).

There was really boring stuff like clothes (which are not fun to look at all) and purses and other stuff. While my mom and sister shopped, my dad and I listened to street performers playing guitar. He really liked it.

For lunch we had pizza. It rained like crazy and then suddenly stopped!

At dinner time we weren’t really hungry. Mom suggested we just have crêpes. We went to this place by our apartment. The guy who made crêpes was very interesting. He is from Turkey, lived in Scotland and now lives in Paris and makes crêpes!

8 thoughts on “paris flea market

  1. So…what kind of fleas did you see? While the guitarist played, did some fleas dance to the music? Or were they shopping also? Or, can you buy fleas at a flea market?

    It has been raining in Chicago a lot this past week also.

    If you did not hear the news, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night. They scored a tying goal with 1.5 minutes left of the third period and then 17 seconds later scored the winning goal. It was an exciting finish to a great hockey season…probably the only victorious highlight that we Chicago fans can enjoy. Cubs and Sox are nothing to talk about again.


    • I bet if they were fleas at a flea market I would see a lot of dogs scratching themselves for a long time but I didn’t see that.

      No I did not hear the news. I don’t care about the Blackhawks, I am more of a Sharks fan now.

  2. The pizza in France is amazing! Did your mom buy anything for me at te flea market? ;-p

    • Hmmmm, that’s a hard question to answer. My first thought…”If we take something home, then we might not have a reason to go back.” But, then I thought about it again and I would take Rose Bakery back. And some Tea Salons. Maybe a chef or 2. And furniture for my home 🙂 AND, the Flea Market. Ok, no more. Great question.

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