corsica, by william




Ping pong!

My mom and dad signed me up for Mini Club Med. The first day was tennis and stuff and then we went to the pool and had a swimming test. It was really easy.

I met a new friend from Poland.

The next day I went kayaking then I went to my mom and dad. Then my dad and I went kayaking and then had lunch. Then my dad and I went kayaking again with my mom.

Every night they had funny plays. My favorite one was the slow motion races because the performers kept beating each other up and it was really funny (and in French!).

On our last day we walked to the front of the resort and the taxi was five minutes late. When we got the airport I was kind of upset because it was small. We had to walk to our plane. Our plane was Airbus A319.

We landed in Paris and took a train to our apartment. The train was packed! I was smooshed between a lot of strangers. Layli’s head was smooshed in some guy’s backpack.