We are brother.  We are sister.

We live in a world that is increasingly flat made up of man-made borders.  We live in a world filled with differences yet filled with similarities. We live in a world filled with rich cultures and diversity yet we are all One Planet.  One People.

We are two children.  Tomorrow’s leaders.  Tomorrow’s future.

Together we are 4 Shoes, exploring the world God has created.


I am LayliI may only have two feet and wear two shoes at a time but I love to shop for shoes! Maybe I travel to wear them out faster?

When I’m on vacation I like to walk around. I like to see the things that are like my country and the things that are different.

Someday I hope to travel to Santiago, Chile and visit the Bahá’í Temple of South America while on my way to visit my cousin in Australia.


I am WilliamAlthough I’m just a young boy, I’ve been to Maui for the 4th of July, traveled to Baltimore, Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Phoenix, London, Paris, Lisbon, the Caribbean and have lived in both southern and northern California.

I’ve been on planes, trains, cars and a boat.

When I’m on vacation all I want to do is find a beach and run into it like a crazy person.

I hope someday my mom & dad take me to Australia and Antarctica. And Mars.