the paris pastry challenge

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Day 5 @ Rose Bakery

Oh là là!

Somewhere on vacation my friend challenged me to eat a pastry a day.

This is not a challenge one says no to. Especially not when in Paris with a pâtisserie on nearly every block.

And so we accepted. With gusto!

We went to the Ladurées, the Rose Bakeries, the Angelinas. We went to the hole in the walls. We went to the hidden gems down alleyways.

We treated ourselves – sometimes to near excess (day 5).

But mostly we enjoyed every single bite of every single pastry.

Day 1 & Day 2 (Angelina)

Day 3 (Rose Bakery) & Day 4 (Angelina @ Versailles)

Day 5 (Rose Bakery @ Bon Marché)

Days 6 – 8

château de versailles

Metro passYesterday we took three trains to get to Versailles.

We took a guided tour of the palace. The tour guide asked if I wanted to be a king or president and I said no. Parts of this place have been around since 1623 – almost 400 years!

I learned a lot about French history too. I learned that kings had several bedrooms and secret doors to their other bedrooms. Some bedrooms were just for people to watch the king wake up!

We took a snack break at Angelina’s before going out to the gardens.  The gardens are huge! Nearly 1000 acres! My mom rented a golf cart and drove us around.

versailles mosaic

[Carin has a good set of pictures from her visit this past Friday.]